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About Nancy – the Chief Maker of Woo

I exist to serve, by inspiring confidence in women everywhere.

Nancy Victor

Hello Woo Women and WOOmen!

Thank you for your interest in Make Woo, a premier subscription and membership based community.

As Chief Maker of Woo, I wear many hats: content curator for boxes, director of operations, and celebrator of my sister’s, among other roles. I’ve personally lived every stage of Woo Woman and I hope my story can inspire you.

As President of Help Me!! Tech Team, an information technology company that I founded in 1991 and run with my family, I have had the ability to engage and give back to my community through participation in organizations such as the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce,Toastmasters and the San Antonio Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) where I was honored to serve as President for 2013-2015 and serve other women business owners.

I am a business owner, public speaker, published writer, small business and women rights activist, and above all else, a servant leader. My mission in life is to inspire confidence in women everywhere and I take it very seriously (in the most fun way possible).

Because I spend much of my time surrounded by women, I noticed a commonality between us and started my “woosearch.” The result was the creation of Make Woo…my gift to my sisters. As I hope to make their lives, and those of their significant others, better…before it’s too late.

To that, my company vision perfectly aligns with my personal purpose which is to help women everywhere embrace their “inner woo,” or confidence.

Woo = Confidence and Confidence = Power.

I encourage you to read on about what Make Woo can do, and hope to hear each of your stories of Woo, too!

Warm Regards,

Nancy Victor

Core Values

Make Woo is committed to conducting business while serving our community and empowering every Woo Woman™ and Man.

We are committed to providing top quality products in a professional and discrete manner.

How We Serve Our Community

By sourcing the gift and accessory portion of or Boxes of Woo from small, woman-owned companies with products made in the U.S., we support the business of other sisters.

Our Chief Maker of Woo has also served as President for two years for the San Antonio Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners. The organization supports the ambitions of women business leaders with educational resources and programs, awards recognizing entrepreneurial achievement, scholarship programs for future generations, business relationships and resources, and lobbying efforts to influence public policy.

How We Empower Woo Women™ and Men

If you know the whys of woo, it comes as no surprise that we hope to empower Woo Women™ and Men to enjoy everything life has to offer. We are the voice that reminds each person that they shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying a moment of relaxation, personal reflection, or intimacy by providing products designed around your life.

Brand Promise

Make Woo Delivers… you Unexpected Sexy Fun!

Each Box of Woo will:

  • Give you a giggle
  • Help you feel sexy & beautiful
  • Empower you to relax & enjoy time to yourself
  • Encourage you to take pleasure in time with your partner
  • Make you want to share the fun with your girlfriends
  • Get you excited for the mail!

What’s in a Box of Woo? Preview the contents of your Woo Woman Essentials – Welcome Box.


As a woman business owner, we often hear the phrase women’s empowerment.

Many of us do feel empowered in most aspects of our lives, but how many of us feel sexy and confident?

My 30’s were my lost years. I lost myself – my health, my body, my confidence, my sex drive, my energetic personality, my ambition, and consequently my power.

Romance and intimacy – forget it. When you don’t feel good about yourself, no matter how much you desire it – it isn’t going to happen. When I turned 40, I decided enough was enough and I was going to take back my power. Little did I know at the time, but it would inspire my next business venture.

In early 2012 I saw a news piece on 20/20 discussing the resurgence of romance novels brought to the forefront by a very popular trilogy. As a woman who had just recently reclaimed her sexy side, this peaked my interest. As an entrepreneur, I wanted to understand why they were so popular especially with women my own age. I felt that, beyond myself, clearly there was a need and desire here that was not being met.

Women professionals my age are busy. Really busy. We are wives, girlfriends, mothers, business leaders, organizational and community leaders, volunteers and so much more. We don’t have the time to take care of ourselves let alone for romance and intimacy. Yet we have a yearning for it.

If we only took control and made this a priority, it could make a difference in our lives. At this stage in our lives we know that nobody is going to do this for us. It’s up to us. What are we waiting for? If things aren’t good now – when will they be?

He who hesitates is a damned fool.
– Mae West

Once we decide that we do in fact deserve better, what do we do about it? Adding to the problem is that as we (and our partners) age, we need more help. Because sexy is not actively marketed to us, we don’t know what to buy. Even if we did have time to shop, we don’t have a clue what would improve or enhance our intimate lives. Besides, as women professionals, most of us would not be caught dead in an adult store, or goodness forbid – at an at home party.

We also know that before we can get to the sex and intimacy, we must first feel good about ourselves. My new company, Make Woo, addresses both for women professionals over 40. It is an online subscription service delivering Unexpected Sexy Fun™ in a Box of Woo every-other month with items that promote romance and intimacy.

Personally curated by me, our Box of Woo contains items that will make you feel special, sexy, and confident. I will introduce you to products and companies that you never knew existed and weed out all of the things that you would never want to see. Woo is fun, beautiful, classy, light and never intimidating. You will receive items such as statement jewelry and gifts that make you feel good out in public, as well as items that make you feel sexy and confident in private.

Your partner will look forward to your Box of Woo just as much as you. Single Woo Women find that they are prepared and confident for when they find that special someone.

We all know that women should support other women in business. My all-woman company goes out of its way to source the gift and accessory portion of our Boxes of Woo to other woman-owned companies with products made in America. We want to introduce you to brands that appreciate the fact that you are sexy and over 40, and for you to become their advocates.

I created Make Woo for those like me. Women who need to find themselves again and take back control of their intimate destiny before it’s too late. Consider this a tool in a woman’s empowering tool belt because there is some real power in feeling sexy.

Nancy Victor