Box Content Examples


Wondering what’s inside a Box of Woo? Here are some Box examples:

Personally curated for Woo Women. We’ve searched all over for these boutique products that are often from Small and Woman Owned Companies with products Made in the USA. If you don’t love one…hopefully you WILL love giving it as a gift that you didn’t have to shop for. ~ xo


The above Box is our current Woo Women Essentials (Welcome Box). Every new Woo Woman receives it as the perfect starter box.


This is our “Pass the Butter Please” Box above. A fun sexy themed box for end of Summer!


The above Box was our take on Fifty Shades of Grey with “Be My Shady Valentine.” Sexy but not too over the top. Our men loved the quality tie and the flogger made our Woo Women feel ultra sexy just having it!


Above is our “It’s All in the Wrist” Box of Woo! This box featured a beautiful high quality stackable bracelet and a little something called “Jack” for our men. ;)


Above is our wootabulous “Happy Woo Year” Box of Woo. The gorgeous wristlet is hand threaded (and won’t unravel when you lose one sequin), velvet lined adjustable bracelet and enough sexy fun to keep you both happy!

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