Don’t Under Estimate


1907653_863652063660760_5464485538994329029_n881963_843406445685322_1804187643_o1939638_845719158787384_147882187_n10257985_857624937596806_5673253923624094434_n10173805_4320235339883_2618744594639612092_n10168201_851999104826056_8599407266120229604_n1010110_825412234151410_1615288525_n1468498_806696476022986_1204229977_n1467454_752890111403623_676033937_n1454860_500211566742745_560455464_n10003515_825927167433250_1158637654_n10314537_862354590457174_388098515238251659_nThe power of girlfriends. Sisters.

To help you through a difficult time. To brighten your day. To have your back. To go with you on the ride. To know and understand that you have a “good side” and always be willing to stand on the opposite. To laugh with. To cry with. To be outraged with. To cheer you on. To support you. To work with. To play hookie with. To appreciate your new cute shoes. To council. To not judge. To have “drinks” with. To lend a hand.

Woo was founded with girlfriends in mind. To honor them, celebrate them, and recognize the importance of them. For without your sisters, life, would simply be pretty darn dull.

Cheers to all of my girlfriends! This is just a sampling of the many beautiful women that I am blessed to have in my life. Thank you for sharing yours with me. I can’t tell you how honored that I am to have each and every one of you and I simply could not be who I am without you.

To those of you that don’t have girlfriends…don’t see the value. You have no idea what you are missing!

xo ~ Nancy

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One Comment on “Don’t Under Estimate

  1. Nancy, I always enjoy your blog, but this one really hit home. i love the way you articulated the power of girlfriends and their importance…and the critical roles they play – sometimes each in different parts of our lives. Thank you for celebrating this…and us. You are so very special and love you dearly for all you give – to all of us girlfriends. xoxo

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