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In my last blog I talked about how you deserve to be cherished. Not just on special days of the year but, because YOU’RE special, you deserve to be cherished every day of your life. Do you know what other fundamentally basic thing that you deserve to have in your life, each and every day?


If you do not have it…you are VERY aware of the lack of peace you feel. If you do have it, you are VERY lucky. Often times we don’t put enough value on feeling at peace. In our busy rushed lives, to some extent, we have come to expect a little drama. Are you “strong willed” (I’m not surprised)? Well…then you might feel like drama follows you a little more than your more introverted, easy going friends and that’s to be expected. But if you stand still long enough, and you’re REALLY honest with yourself, you might just realize that YOU are the root of your drama issues by permitting it in your life in the first place. #Iwasguiltyascharged

Same argument, different day? Feeling like you’re on a very crappy endless roller-coaster ride?

My fellow sisters AND men, if there is drama in an intimate relationship daily (as opposed to an occasional (and normal) healthy disagreement)…get rid of it by getting off that ride. You clearly aren’t bringing out the best in each other if this is the case. Both of you deserve better than that. If you’re afraid to leave or feel too bound, obligated, responsible, or scared of change…trust me…you CAN do it. There IS a way out and life on the other side, even if alone, is FAR better.

There has to be a place where you do not allow drama to enter. Your home should be a safe resting place, your beautiful…peaceful little bubble. Not an endless battle field. A place where you lay your head down and night and KNOW that you will wakeup peacefully. Once you have that peaceful place…don’t allow anyone new to bring drama back in. When that happens, kick its ass out and lock that door tight! You fought hard for that peace. It should be sacred, and not compromised by ANYONE.

If there is a girlfriend in your life that is always surrounded by drama…give that sister some good healthy advice (as my sister did to me) and stay away from her until she makes better decisions. If she never makes better decisions, make it permanent. She can get “support” from those who feed off of their drama thereby gaining something from it themselves. That someone doesn’t need to be you.

Roller coasters are supposed to be thrilling and FUN…in a good way. If your roller coaster of life isn’t (because let’s face it life IS a roller coaster with ups and downs)…it’s time to get off it and onto a better ride.

xo ~ Nancy

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Me, getting off that ride. Sister by my side.


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