What can I expect in my Box of Woo?

If we told you…it would ruin the surprise! We CAN say that in each Box of Woo, you will receive 2-5 full size products along with samples, trials and special offers that promote romance and intimacy. Each Box of Woo is $75 with a MSRP often over $100. Look forward to a new fun theme every-other-month to INCLUDE: gift and accessory items (i.e.,  jewelry, scarves, candles, beauty/skin care, etc.) that make you feel special either in private and/or out about town. Each of our items are carefully chosen to appeal to our age demographic of Woo Women with discriminating taste and personally curated by our Chief Maker of Woo, Nancy Victor. Every Box of Woo is beautiful and includes tasteful, quality items that you can’t wait to use, wear, share, explore, use with your partner or give as a gift. Please be apprised: Some items are of a personal and intimate nature, and may not be appropriate for everyone. This is a gift to your relationship, something special for you and your partner, to bring back the fun, the romance, the passion. If you’re buying it for your special woman…you’re very wise as you too will benefit! If you’re buying it for a sister/girlfriend…you will be her new best friend!

Is this a sex toy business?

Make Woo specially curates Boxes of Woo for women of discriminating tastes over 40. Our focus is on helping a Woo Woman to feel even more sexy and beautiful while providing her the products to make her feel confident and in control of her intimate destiny. Sometimes that does mean a tasteful “toy” that can be used alone or with a partner. This is because as we age, frankly, we (or our partners) need a little more help. However, that is far from the sole focus of our Boxes of Woo as we honor the whole woman and romance as well as intimacy.

When can I expect my Box of Woo?

You will receive your initial Box of Woo; then, once available – depending on your status in the queue, you’ll receive your regularly recurring Box of Woo subscription and we’ll let you know via email when you can expect it! We ship Boxes of Woo early every: February, April, June, August, October and December.

Is a Box of Woo for me if I don't have a partner/spouse?

That is entirely up to you sister! Make Woo was created to empower women by making them feel sexy & confident while promoting romance and intimacy in their relationship. That said, most of the items focus on her. There are special gift & accessory items not intimate in nature included in every single box. Intimate items for couples that are included can be saved for use at a later time and you might just feel empowered and better prepared knowing you have them!

Can a man order?

Not only CAN you order if you are a man…but it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED! This is a very smart gift for the woman in your life. When you subscribe you might enter her contact/customer information in and pay with your credit card. If you do give this subscription initially as a surprise gift, let us know by emailing lola@makewoo.com to tell us who you would like to receive our email alerts and communications.

How long is the subscription for?

Your non-refundable subscription will continue until you cancel. Bimonthly Subscribers have two weeks after receiving any Box of Woo to cancel to avoid receipt of the next one. Annual Subscribers have two weeks after receiving their 6th Box of Woo to cancel.

Can I order just one box?

At this time we do not offer one-of Boxes of Woo unless you are a member. Contact lola@makewoo.com for the link to purchase.

Is there a Referral Program?

Yes! Have them put your name in the referral section upon subscribing and you BOTH will receive $10 off your next Box of Woo. See page for more information.

Is shipping included?

At this time, Shipping & Handling is charged at a flat rate of $8.00 per box.

Do you ship outside the US?

Make Woo uses the United States Postal Service and currently ships to the 48 contiguous states in the US (excluding Hawaii, Alaska, APO or FPO addresses).

Do you accept all credit cards?

We accept all credit cards through our PayPal shopping cart. You are not required to be a PayPal subscriber to pay for your Box of Woo subscription. Make Woo does not store your credit card information – instead the recurring payments are through PayPal’s secure PCI compliant site for your protection and ease of use.

How do I handle a notice from PayPal that my credit card was unable to be processed?

Regardless of whether you paid for your subscription with your PayPal account or as a guest with credit card – your recurring charges are handled through PayPal. If you received a notice from them your credit card on file needs to be updated. You will need to contact PayPal directly at 1-888-221-1161 as Make Woo does not store your credit card information for your safety. Tell them you are calling about your recurring subscription to Make Woo and they will be happy to help you quickly. Please do contact them immediately to check on your card and keep your Boxes of Woo coming!

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees. Bi-Monthly Payment Option: Are every other month – on your original subscription anniversary date – your credit card will be charged $75 plus a flat $8.00 for shipping and handling. Monthly Payment Option: Are charged every month on a budget plan of $39.99 (which includes a $2 service fee) plus $4 S&H. Annual Payment Option: Are charged one time annually with a savings of $50 off of the subscription price plus S&H of $8 per Box. Sales Tax is paid in addition to these charges where applicable.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the exclusive and intimate nature of our items we cannot accept returns.

Why did I receive an email asking if I'd like to purchase another box?

This is a pay ahead recurring subscription – not pay upon shipping. In order to be placed in the queue for the current box cycle all subscribers must meet two criteria. 1.) You must order before our product orders are placed for the next box so that you can be included – this is the ORDER deadline. 2.) Your recurring PayPal payment date(s) must be 3 days prior to the shipment date of our next Box of Woo (1st of OCT-DEC-FEB-APR-JUN-AUG) – this is the PAYMENT deadline. If you met the order deadline but not the payment deadline you will receive your initial Box of Woo but will have to wait for your recurring order to start with the next cycles box. Good news though! Because you DID meet the order deadline we can include you in the current cycles Box of Woo at a separate one-time charge apart from your recurring payments – if you choose. This is the reason for your email with PayPal link. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions lola@makewoo.com.

Unable to subscribe today?

Because our Box of Woo is curated from carefully selected unique products, they are fulfilled on a limited basis. We will include you in our community upon your registration, and begin your subscription as soon as we have an open slot for a new Woo Woman! Consequently, we can accept only one order per Woo Woman at this time. Never fear though. Friends of Woo Women get premier placement in the queue for new Box of Woo subscriptions. Tell your girlfriends to be sure to add YOUR name as their referral when they register!

How can I cancel a subscription?

While we would be sorry to lose a sister – we understand that Box of Woo doesn’t suit everyone. Your non-refundable subscription will continue until you cancel. Bimonthly and Monthly Payment Option Subscribers have two weeks after receiving any Box of Woo to cancel to avoid receipt of the next one. Annual Subscribers have two weeks after receiving their 6th Box of Woo to cancel. Written cancellation notice is required within 2 weeks of receipt of any Box of Woo for Bimonthly Subscribers (upon 6th Box of Woo for Annual Subscribers), and your subscription will be stopped. You can email us or write us at: Make Woo LLC, PO Box 39379, San Antonio, Texas 78218. We will acknowledge receipt of your request; if you do not receive acknowledgement, please write us again to be sure your message is received.

What do you mean by discreet?

Your beautiful Box of Woo comes within in a discreet outer USPS Priority Mail box. There is no need to fear Make Woo packaging.

What if damage occurred during shipping?

If your Box of Woo was damaged during the shipping process, please contact lola@makewoo.com for assistance within 10 business days of receipt.

Will you sell my email and contact information?

No. Not ever. Never. Promise.