For the boys…

Young Couple Kissing

Now that I have your attention. Men, I’m here to help.

Are you feeling the pressure to come through this Valentine’s Day? Let me be your new Best Friend and save your back from a night on the couch. Or worse, resentful feelings on the part of your lovely other half. Trust me. I KNOW of what I speak.

The problem is, you’ve run out of original ideas. Or ideas that won’t get you into trouble one way or the other. Plus you would rather do anything but shop in those pink and red isles.

The solution? Let me introduce you to the Woo.

What is Woo:
Make Woo is an on-line subscription box service that delivers Unexpected Sexy Fun ™ in a Box of Woo every-other-month. It marries romance/intimacy items (the good stuff for you) with gift/accessory items (pretty stuff for her) in a fun and different theme each time. It’s a GOOD surprise in the mail that you BOTH will look forward to receiving and opening together! Beautiful, quality, classy items curated personally by yours truly.

How Woo Works:
Subscribe, sit back and be a hero not just this Valentine’s Day but again in April, June, August, October and December. Your credit card gets charged $75 plus tax and shipping every-other-month. Or you can pay for a year at a time with an Annual Subscription and save big $$. The Boxes of Woo keep coming until you cancel. Cancel anytime (see FAQ page for details).

Benefits of Woo:
Your partner will feel loved, pampered, special, spoiled and desired every time she receives that box. The best part? You get to ENJOY the Woo too! Seriously. Does it get better than that?

Hurry though…deadline to order the Valentine’s Day Box is this Thursday 1/14 !

Simple. Valentine’s Day 2016 and beyond. Solved.
You ARE the man!

xo ~ Nancy, Chief Maker of Woo & Your New BFF

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