Impatiently Waiting


I have a bit of a reputation as a risk taker. Those who know me have seen me make big sweeping bold moves in my life both personally and professionally pretty consistently over the years. Patience is NOT my virtue. Again, most people who know me know this about me.

What they do not know is that in truth, I have spent much of my life waiting around…albeit very impatiently. I waited around for my ex-husband to provide me what I deeply desired in our relationship, I waited around to hear the Holy Spirit to tell me what God’s plan was for me, I waited to take actions in my business, I waited around until I would be smarter and able to make more thoughtful decisions, I waited around for finances to improve, I waited around for my health to improve…until I felt better mentally and physically, I waited around to magically drop the extra 85 pounds I had gained, I waited around to share my testimony until my story was further along, I waited to say what I wanted or to be what others wanted, I waited…I waited…I waited.


Fear and habit.

Fear, is destructive. It keeps us stuck. Frozen in a place that frankly, doesn’t feel too good. It keeps us up at night, looking for ways to mentally escape during the day because we are too scared to make a move that will hurt us even more. It causes us to look at things from a place of scarcity, negativity, or panic. It keeps us from living to our fullest potential and robs us of all the good stuff. Living in fear is NO way to live at all.

Habit, is the equally dangerous sibling to fear. Habits are the place we go to when we are frozen in fear, our safe harbor our Band-Aid if you will. They are comforting. They are what we know. When you put on a Band-Aid the wound is still there but it’s not so easily seen by yourself or others. It helps us to temporarily forget but the fear is ever present. It’s the habits that keep you stuck in a place of fear and, ironically, it’s those same habits that likely caused the fear in the FIRST place. Living out of habits, that do nothing positive for you, is NO way to live at all.

Fear and habit become a vicious circle. One that causes you to lose your hope, your faith…to lose you. I lost myself for a time to fear and habit. A long time. Breaking out of it was perhaps the most difficult thing that I’ve ever done. It took a lot of soul searching over many years. Until one day I woke up, wiped my tears, took a hold of that habit Band-Aid and ripped it off. I dealt with my fears one at a time and guess what happened?

I started living again. Not waiting around passively. Doing. Being. Risking. Living.
Sure, some days are difficult. Sometimes habits that caused and kept fear present still creep up. Except now I KNOW that I have what it takes within myself to move beyond it when it does because I survived it. Still standing. Brighter. Happier. Wiser. Warmer. Healthier. More fierce, than ever before.

I will NEVER again spend years waiting around for things to get better, to live life, to take risks, to be who I am, to use my voice, to get what I deserve, because LIFE is much too short to waste that precious time.

What about you? Has fear taken a hold of you? Habits keeping you frozen there? Perhaps it’s time for you to rip off your Band-Aides too, move past the fear and start living again in 2016?! Ask yourself this…WHAT do you REALLY have to lose?

xo ~ Nancy

Relationship Expert & Chief Maker of Woo

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