Nipple Clamps Save The World

For those Woo Women and WOOmen who haven’t opened their August Box of Woo I don’t want to spoil the surprise…but…yes, I went there. Maybe it was a little farther than you thought I’d take it. Maybe it was spot on. Let me ask you this…

When you opened your Box of Woo with excitement…were the contents “unexpected?” Were they “sexy?” Were they “fun” to use or have a good LOL over?” Then, as Chief Curator my job was done and I lived up to our brand promise of Unexpected Sexy Fun®. For those of you who don’t yet subscribe…you have no idea of the fun you missed (except perhaps the nipple clamps – but there is so much more than the intimacy part to a Box of Woo).

At Make Woo it’s also more than being about the individual products. It’s about starting a dialog and interaction where there was none or little before. We want to get you thinking about intimacy more and making it a priority in your life. For those fortunate enough to have had open communication of an intimate nature with your significant other prior to Make Woo, then this will make it even better. But those relationships are all too rare…even in 2015. Why?

Now I’m going to make another bold statement so brace yourself.make-woo-home-slides-unexpected-sexy-fun-together

Women today need to start talking about what they want, expect, need and frankly deserve in regards to intimacy. My hunch is that our men are begging us to whether or not they have the guts to tell us strong, independent, modern day women.

There I said it.

We make things a little harder than they need to be. Sure, some men have a difficult time opening up about this too, but for women sexy is synonymous with slutty. Classy, conservative, successful women are not slutty.

In a day and age when so many marriages fail (and trust me, I know of what I speak after having been married and divorced after 25 years) don’t you think it’s time that we do something, anything…differently?

Example in the news today: multiple celebrity golden couple breakups. What do so many seem to have in common (besides having the misfortune of seemingly only hot young nannies in the potential hiring pool)? Alleged infidelity.

Another bold statement.

Yes, I AM a sister through and through, but even I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t suspect that these men (allegedly) went to what was easier (within reach even), to what they knew was a sure thing…when they strayed from their ridiculously beautiful wives. I also suspect that they didn’t have to work too hard to figure out if the nanny was into them or what the nanny liked (allegedly).

Am I suggesting that if you don’t use nipple clamps you deserve to be cheated on? Of course not sister. But let’s be real here. A lot…and I mean 50% of first and 60% of second marriages end in divorce. Now how many do you think ended because someone initially felt unsatisfied in the bedroom which may or may not have snowballed into something bigger?

Of course, I have no idea if this was the case with the celebrity rash of divorce, but here in the real world…how many people do YOU know that may feel that way currently, or perhaps their spouse does? How many of them might be helped by just starting to open up and be more confident in their own skin, with their own sexuality and thereby in their relationship enough to talk and even laugh with their partner about it? Now what if they actually DID engage in more intimacy on top of that?

That sister IS my point.

Can nipple clamps save the World? Well, if they get one couple that’s struggling to start talking (or laughing) together. If they make one woman feel a little sexier knowing that she has them in her drawer, thereby empowering her (maybe she’s recently been through a divorce). Then yes, I think that they can save the World.

Thank you for being part of the Woo Revolution. Thank you for believing in our Mission to make life better for women everywhere by helping them to feel more confident, sexy, powerful and in control of their intimate destiny…instead of waiting around for it to happen, or worse yet…for it to end.

xo ~ Nancy

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