I’ll Have What She’s Having

10314542_903372049688761_3320399423421533229_nRemember the “scene” at the table in When Harry Met Sally when the woman restaurant patron wanted some of what Sally was having? It was funny…because everyone can relate to it. Passion is something that most of us want in our life. Interestingly even though, women today who often take control of their lives in many ways, when passion is missing, still wait around for it to happen. Leaving us, wishing…wanting…for something more.

We women are a resilient bunch though. So we don’t just wait. We wait AND we wait. Sometimes for decades…martyring ourselves. We wait for a mate that feels passionately about us or for the one we have to suddenly become a passionate beast. We wait for them to finally say all the right things and make the moves. Giving up our power. All the while, feeling unwanted, undesired, perhaps even unloved. Then…we wait some more. Maybe we occupy our time by fantasizing, watching romantic movies or devouring books about OTHER people.

Seriously sister? Is that really good enough?

This is a topic near and dear to my heart, after all I created an entire company around this very problem. I remember all too well how painful it was and I still have the emotional scars to prove it. Make Woo was born so that my sisters could be spared my fate at the time.

But it works both ways. After all, there are two people in a relationship and I didn’t just create the company for my Woo Women…but the men who love them. What about if you, for whatever reason, are the one uninterested in having sex with your partner? Sister…I’d implore you to consider this. Assuming you are in a committed relationship, YOU BOTH are reliant upon each other. You are a team, a partnership. You want him to care about your needs and wants? Then you have to care about his. This is supposed to be a reciprocal thing…and you WANT it to be.

So how DO you get your groove back when you’ve lost it for whatever reason (and there are a million of them in today’s busy world)? Well…just like Nike says…you “just do it.” Lucky for you both, Make Woo gets the conversation started and your mind brought to that sexy place. It takes the pressure off of him for having to come up with the perfect romantic/sexy date. It makes intimacy fun, sexy and safe for you both. In no time, you’ll find yourself with an improved connection and looking forward to that intimate time together.

Single? I created Make Woo for you too and send plenty of items for you to stay in touch with your sexy side and make you feel good about yourself. For the items that need a partner, when the right relationship comes…you’ll be ready.

Subscribing Woo Woman or not…remember, passion takes two but starts with YOU. Take back control of this aspect of your life. It’s just too short not to be fully enjoyed. You deserve it.

xo ~ Nancy

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