20160628_11470320160628_114501 Ahhh Graduation Season. I’m glad that’s finally over! Is it just me or does it seem like everyone you know has a recent high school grad? How could we miss it…with all the photos proudly displayed by parent friends on social media? Including myself with two graduates of my own! :/ I’ll be honest…even my normally cheery self got a little tired of clicking “Like” and sending the canned congratulatory best wishes. It was hard not to look at those fresh young hopeful faces and not think, “yay…you graduated…big deal…that’s the easiest part of your life kid WITH perky boobs…let’s see how you handle what you DIDN’T expect.” I looked for the card at my Hallmark store but nope…they didn’t have it. Or maybe that’s just my hormonal, nap needing, slightly cynical side showing itself again…

We all know that life doesn’t always turn out the way you’d expect it to and making it to the end, with no regrets, is a pretty tall order. Heck, how can we even make it to the mid-way point without them?

Especially when I look at these two faces^^. No they aren’t my children…although they are definitely the right age at the time these photos were taken (that’s a sobering thought…but alas my cool 80’s hair makes me feel better). That is my new hubby and me, both graduates in 1987. Both made our way from distances (his far greater if you heard his accent) to be in San Antonio. Both hopeful, grateful, and excited for the future. Both would be thrown A LOT of curve balls that we didn’t see coming, that stung. It took us 28 MORE years to find our way to each other.

Our story, while super thrilling and special to us, isn’t THAT unusual. These things have happened to many others. Maybe not all in one life time but I like to think of it as “overachieving in personal story development” and remain positive about it. Like all the other remarried people with children…we can’t regret the decisions that made them and their perfectly imperfect selves. We can’t regret the bad things that happened along the way either because those are what built our character and made us into the sexy badasses we are today. (Ha! #creativelicense )

Sure, we could both spend our time regretting the fact that we have much less time together. That is ONE that I personally wrestle with. All of the “what if’s.” In those reflective moments, I remind myself it’s that very past that helped us to instantly recognize our other half when we found it, hold on, and in the future…keep us from ever letting go. Everything happens in God’s perfect timing.

Are you feeling regret? Time to reframe, there is no point in second guessing. Each experience was a gift that got you to the reward. One that you can appreciate even MORE now. If your reward hasn’t happened yet…it’s coming so be ready!

~ Nancy xo

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