Chivalry. Men probably feel that today’s woman does not appreciate it being the “Nazi Feminists” that we are…right? Well let’s just set the record straight right now. Today’s feminists recognize and revel in the fact that we are feminine and YES…we do appreciate a grand gesture from time to time. Not to mention the little daily ones.

Yes, we can open our own doors. But when you’re with us, we’d appreciate you doing it. Pulling out our chairs, holding the umbrella to keep our hair dry. Walking on the street side of the sidewalk to keep us safe. Asking if we arrived safely at our destination and if we don’t, come looking for us. Carrying our purse when it gets too heavy.  Maybe even us when our high heels are killing our feet. Little things make us feel cherished and THAT is a very good thing for you.

Yes, we can defend ourselves. But we’d like to know that you have our back. Strong minded women in particular have a knack for occasionally pissing someone off. It’d be nice to know that you…our partner…even when you don’t agree with us, will always stand behind us. Know that when someone comes on too strong, degrades or insults us…you’d be willing to “reach out and touch” that someone and we might even have to hold you back. Know that you will be the buffer between us and whatever is threatening our wellbeing, safety, and sanity…without us asking.

Men, take note. Chivalry is nearly all but dead. If you embrace it…you will stand out among men. Because smart Woo Women know that a good one is hard to find, and know what to do with one once we get our hands on him. ;)

xo ~ Nancy

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