Some Sisterly Advice


I love women and I have many girlfriends to prove it. Some are technically acquaintances that I know from various business and social circles, some are around me a lot. I consider all of them my “sisters.” Except for those that well…aren’t. By this I mean, there are some women that even I, won’t claim as a “sister” because not every woman is deserving of the title.

People often stop me and tell me that they love following me on Facebook and find me fun, exciting, positive and inspirational. Gosh…that’s incredibly nice (they might have been a little drunk at the time…but hey I don’t judge). I appreciate the compliment given how busy I know most of these people to be. I especially appreciate that they think my life is one worth paying attention to. (Shout out FB peeps ;) ! ) It’s important to my businesses that I am on social media and I do my best to keep myself visible. While I’m there, I find myself shaking my head in amazement by the types of posts some people make far too often. Paying special attention to women, who I naturally gravitate towards, and I wouldn’t be a very good sister if I didn’t impart some advice.

Ladies…WHAT the heck are you thinking?!

You post about your personal drama, financial troubles, bitterness from past or current relationships, passive aggressive cryptic posts, belittle or downright bully someone for their religious or political beliefs. This behavior does NOTHING for your spirit, nothing for your reputation, and it does nothing to improve the lives of those who happen to scroll across it in their news feed. Additionally, your negativity will attract nothing positive to your life.

Here’s my example of a “passive aggressive cryptic post” in case you’re wondering: If your true self wants to repeatedly tell everyone how celebratory you are of being rid of your ex-husband because YOU think he’s too old, too broken or too much of a burden on you…even though he was good enough to adopt your child and father another one with you – that’s kicking a man while he’s down…publically. It’s not very nice and you aren’t my “sister.” (See?! Passive Aggressive. Just because you aren’t naming them doesn’t make it okay. Plus you’ve left us trying to guess who it is…which pisses us off because frankly we don’t care that much to think that hard.)

Contrary to popular belief the internet is NOT anonymous – it follows you everywhere you go and what you put out there lasts forever (for me its 3,000 selfies #yourewelcome). I am of the belief that people can’t really fake their true self for very long on social media. Even if they are trying to hide something, be something or someone else, over time…their true self shows.

My sisters aren’t perfect, they curse, they have opinions, enjoy their wine a little too much, they “let their panties show” so to speak. But above all else…my sisters know that they get what they give and they give kindness in person AND on the internet.

Are you a sister?

xo ~ Nancy

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One Comment on “Some Sisterly Advice

  1. Hey Nancy,
    We know each other from Randolph Toastmaster once upon a time. I keep up to what you are doing on facebook. I absolutely love the meme above, and this blog post. You have written here what I have thought and felt so many times. I just didn’t do it myself because I have my own stuff I am working through. Thank you for doing it publicly. By the way, I am so glad to see you happily married. You go girl!

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