What’s in a Name?

If you’re like me, one of the first things you did when you found out that you were expecting was to start picking out names. Actually, if you’re like me you started doing that before you were even pregnant. Naturally, after I had the idea for this new business I immediately racked my brain for a name. The idea for my other business’ name popped into my head almost instantaneously so I felt a little pressure that a few months in…I still had nothing. Oh sure, I had a few ideas but they were…what can I say…a little too shady. I just wasn’t feeling it.

Then over the Holiday Season I happened across the book Wallbanger by Alice Clayton on my nook and started reading. Like you I’m sure, what first caught my attention was the name. I have to be honest…it gave me a giggle. That was my first clue.

Not three pages in I realized that while I don’t know this Alice Clayton…she is my sister. In fact, it was like she crawled into my head and wrote this book. Not to imply that she stole the idea from me…but she is certainly a kindred spirit. I laughed so hard while reading it that my family kept checking in on me to see what all the ruckus was about. Lol good times. That was my second clue.

Then she started using the word “woo” and she had me. The second I read that word…a word I’ve heard before of course…with her/my sense of humor…the sexy but not over the top way she wrote the story…I knew…I KNEW instantly that YES that is the perfect name for my new company. Woo. It’s light, it’s fun, it’s about the act of wooing which goes far beyond the act of intimacy, it makes me giggle, I could have a ton of fun with it. Instantly I had a ton of marketing ideas. PER-FECT.

I added the word “make” because my new company is about empowering women. Women who are already strong but need permission to step away from the guilt in taking time out or spending resources on themselves. Women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Women who deserve more out of life, out of their relationship…now, before it’s too late. Women who are already sexy but want to feel sexier or women who don’t feel too sexy but again, want to feel sexier. The “make” in the Make Woo reminds us that we aren’t waiting around anymore. We are taking control. We are making a statement by telling others that THIS is important to us. We are giving ourselves (and thereby our loved one) a gift every other month…the gift of woo. We are making it happen.

If I am ever honored to meet my “sister” Alice Clayton…I’ve going to give her a big hug. Read her book, I promise you will laugh your ass off (yes, Mom I said ass…I’ll be 44 next week) and if you ever get to meet her yourself, give her a big hug from your fellow Woo Women.

xo Nancy

P.S. Go to our Facebook and be the first to answer today’s Trivia Question correctly to receive a copy of Alice Clayton’s Wallbanger as our gift to you — hint we’ll be asking it at 2pm CT 9/30/13

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