I’ve Been Wooed!

Did you love your Box of Woo?

YAY! Now here’s your chance to share with our community what you loved about receiving your latest Box of Woo. SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM and tell us what you loved! What were most exciting or the unexpected results of subscribing?!

27 Comments on “I’ve Been Wooed!

  1. Oh Em Gee!!! I absolutely love love love this month’s Box of WOO!!! Definitely one of my favorites! This one is a great gift box too!

  2. My husband LOVED the August Box and is even now doing some sexy late night reading of his own. Lol

  3. I got this as a gift for my wife. Best gift I could have gotten for us! We both look forward to the mail.

  4. I have to say that my husband looks forward to this box just as much as me each time. Thanks for the fun!

  5. Just when I thought I might have it all…you send this April Box. I LOVED IT!!! More for me please!

  6. OMG I nearly died when I saw the Valentine’s Box! LOVED. IT. and so did my husband!!

  7. I am a Woo Woman and I sent this to my girlfriend in Florida. OMG she texted me tons of pictures because she was so excited!!! I found the perfect gift!

  8. Thank you for what you are doing and please don’t stop! It’s too important and too needed.

  9. Love the June box! …I love the toy bag. I was in need of one of those. You know you can’t just leave those things lying around when you have to teenagers in the house. They might start asking too many questions. Now I have a safe place for them.

  10. Received my bi-monthly box yesterday and WOW! You gave me a whole new perspective on “April Showers” and should see the smile on my face! Can’t wait to see the smile on his face, too!!

    The jewelry item from this box’s Made In America woman business owner is beautiful! Please send my thanks for creating such great items.

  11. Just referred a group of women to get Wooed. You will be a millionaire-BRILLIANT!!!

  12. Make Woo is amazing. Nancy Victor is brilliant by giving encouragement to all women in making them feel more confident and sexy with the Make Woo box with products. Good job Nancy!

  13. Received the gift of Woo: Wow!! I am so excited!! Thank you!!! She has great packaging and I love the vibe!!!

  14. Received the gift of Woo: I’ve just been Woo’ed!!! Thank you!!! Ur a WOOderful friend!!!! :)

  15. I opened mine late last night and it’s AWESOME!!! Then I finally opened the one before!!! It was like WOO Christmas!!!

  16. She must have been a fly on my wall!!! Not only was it a surprise, it was the BEST surprise EVER!! The items in my box were exactly what I needed. Thank you for knowing what woman want and need!!!!! I’m hooked.

  17. After a busy week, waited until the weekend to open my first box of Woo and want to say you “nailed it” both literally and figuratively. Your Essentials Box really knows what appeals to a Woo Woman!! Thank you!!!

  18. All I can say…. I have been Wooed!! What fun and great items….. I love knowing there is more to come!!!…. Thanks!!!

  19. OMG! I got my Woo box in the mail today!! It is totally awesome and full of what can be a lot of fun!!! Love it!

  20. I just received my Box of Woo…very nice…I don’t know who is more excited, me or my husband!

  21. After a 12 hour work day wearing hose I came home and I have been WOO’D. It is an awesome box of fun! Can’t wait for my next delivery! Thank you!!!!

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